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 How to make a pandora battery without CFW

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PostSubject: How to make a pandora battery without CFW   Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:30 pm

1st things 1st, lets knock some of those questions out of the way!!! 

(Q)Whats Pandora's battery? 
(A)If your on this site and dont know what pandora's battery is, then look it up and come back! 

(Q)There are alot of Pandora Guides.....What makes your different?
(A)With most of the guides, you requier a homebrew enabled psp. But with my guide, i will show you how to softmod the battery so there is no need for a custom firmwared psp or a psp with a 1.50 kernel! 

(Q)Whats Softmod? 
(A)Softmodding is a safe and relatively easy way to mod (modify something) 

(Q)I dont know what shortcuts are (like OFW and CFW, etc) 
(A)For the people that dont know, i will include a "Key" at the bottom of this tutorial. Im trying to make this as "Noob Friendly" as possible (so please if you dont understand something i will try my best to re-explain it) 

Next up is the way this tutorial is organized. Here is how it will look:
1)Questions and Answers 
3)Process #1 (creating a magic memory stick) 
4)Process #2 (softmodding the battery) 
5)Testing your battery 
6)Running pandora's battery 
7)tips and tricks 
8)Final question 

so with that said, lets continue with this guide...... 

(NOTE: materials are labled by: 1)Name and then 2)quantity) 

A psp running ANY firmware (1) 
A compute with an internet connection (1) 
A mini USB cable or memory card reader (1) 
A knife or exacto knife (1) 
A battery (just as long as it is NOT a new battery because they are "pandora proof") (1) 
A needle/safety pin (1-2) 

Process #1 (Creating A Magic Memory Stick) 
1)Turn on the psp 
2)Format the memory stick 
3)Go into USB mode 
4)Next, go here: File Details-TOTALNewbi-easyInstaller-PSP-Tools-Utilities-(on-PC) - 
5)At the bottom, select download (the dowload is 135MB so be patient) 
6)Extract the application to your desktop 
7)Run "Start.exe" 
8)Follow the instructions until you get into the installation screen 
9)When there, you can select to install the universal unbricker (do this one!!!) 
10)After it is done, your going to need to get 2 files. 1)registry 2)kd (i have a download link at the bottom for people without this) 
11)Put both (kd & registry) on the root of your memery stick 
12)Disconnect your psp and turn it off 

Process #2 (Softmodding the battery) 
1)Take your knife/exact knife and CAREFULLY open your battery 
2)once done, look for the connecter labled (ICO4 or CO4) (depending on your battery) 
3)Next take your needle/safety pin and CAREFULLY remove the 5th pin (the pins start from the bottom left and up. So pin 5 should be the bottom one on the right.....depending on how you hold your battery.) 
4)Put you battery back together (and if you want, glue it back on) 

Now from here you are pretty much done! All you really need to do is test your battery. 

Testing your battery: 

(to test battery, insert the battery with no memory stick inserted. the power should automatically come on. If so, you did it!!! if not, then you cut the wrong connecter but you might have 1 more chance to get it right!) 

Now all you have to do is run pandora's battery!!! 

Running pandora's battery: 

(to do this, start the psp with both the ceated memory card and the softmodded battery. You may or may not see anything. But the MS LED and the wifi LED should glow for a second. If it does, just press X and let that run for about 5 minutes. if it doesnt, try re-creating the memory stick) 
OK, your psp should turn itself off in the end. all you have to do is remove the battery and the memory stick. and then plug in the charger. Next, turn on the psp and you should have 3.71 M33 or 3.71 M33-2!!!!! 

Tips and tricks: 
1)Run the v3 universal unbricker when your done so you can see the text (on slim psp's or fat) 
2)Buy a new battery (if your cheap, see the 1st question on "Final Questions" 
3)Remember NOT ALL homebrew is comaptible with the psp slim!! 

Final Questions: 
(Q)Can i ever dual boot my XMB and my battery 
(A)Yes! you can do this only one way. you need to buy a switch and solder on the + and - connecter to the batter and to the switch. This will allow you to choose when you want to boot into pandora's battery or into your XMB (see links) 

(Q)When i insert my softmodded battery, the psp turns on but i cant see anything 
(A)Thast because your probably using a psp slim which in that case, just press X and then install the V3 unbricker 

(Q)The light comes on but my MS LED and my wofi LED doesnt do anything 
(A)This is a common problem when you dont follow the instruction EXACTLY, you have to re-create the magic memory stick 

(Q)Im curious, how does this work? 
(A)Well, pin 5 is the pin that makes the battery load the EEPROM but since its cut, it runs the next thing which is the memory stick. 

(Q)Did you create this? 
(A)No, i did not. Ben Heck did and all details can be found on his site (see links) 

OFW=Official Firmware 
CFW=Custom Firmware 
LED=Light Emiting Diod 

Make sure to thank ELITE-KILLER for this incredible guide.
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How to make a pandora battery without CFW
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